TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050
TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050

Vision & Values

Getting ready to learn starts with our vision and values

The core values of the Trinity Academy community are Respect, Inclusion and Ambition.

Our Vision:

  • Trinity Academy values the health and wellbeing of the whole community.

  • We support everyone to achieve their potential and to enjoy learning by embracing opportunities, engaging fully, and by striving for success. 

  • We promote equality by celebrating, nurturing and showing kindness.

  • We act to protect our precious local and global environments.

  • We are proud of our school.

Bringing our Vision and Values into the classroom

  • Being respectful in our behaviors: self, peers and staff
  • Being prepared with both equipment and mindset 
  • Being brave and push yourself to a point where you may fail
  • Being aware of how we keep ourselves and others safe
  • Being aware that we are all different and valued
  • Being supportive of our peers and celebrating each others successes

Our School

  • Community

  • Wellbeing

  • Equality

  • Kindness

  • Our environment

  • Pride

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