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79% of businesses say that work experience develops effective skills for the workplace.

- The British Chamber of Commerce

Work Placements

Work placements are an important part of any career education. During your placement you will be placed with an employer or organisation for a period of time that is mutually suitable for your needs, the employer and the school.

As a work placement pupil you will be treated as an employee of the organisation and you will be able to try a range of tasks or duties, and find out about the skills and attitudes that employers are looking for. As well as helping to prepare you for the world of work, it will also help you think about your future career.

Work placements usually run for a week at a set point in the school calendar. However, as part of our commitment to a flexible curriculum, we are happy to support our S5/S6 pupils build a weekly work experience into their timetable - similar to how the JET programme operates in S4. 

Work experience can be arranged through family or friends or by contacting employers that you are particularly interested in. Information and resources are included on this page.

Application Deadlines


 Application:   Submit to:   Deadline:
 Self Found

 School Office

 NHS Lothian  23/08/19



Code of Conduct for Work Experience Placements

While you are on your work placement you will be representing Trinity Academy in the wider community. We therefore expect the highest standards of commitment and behaviour during your time on placement.

This ‘Code of Conduct’ sets out the standards and behaviours we expect from you during your work placement.

Before your placement we expect you to read carefully the work placement details held on the Job Card you were given by the school. It includes: a job description, the employers’ address and contact details, your hours of work, advice about any lunch arrangements and dress requirements. Speak to your teacher about anything you aren’t sure about.

We expect you to:

  • make contact with your employer or supervisor in advance of your placement, if stated in your Job Card
  • make your own travel arrangements
  • organise what you will do for lunch – based on the comments in your Job Card
  • arrive on time at your placement
  • contact a parent or carer before leaving your workplace if your employer lets you leave earlier than the time stated in your Job Card
  • notify your employer or supervisor before 00am if you are going to be late, or absent for any reason (this is included in the letter sent to your parents)
  • notify your employer if you have any medical conditions that may affect you while on placement
  • behave in a responsible and mature way
  • keep your mobile phone turned off or silent, except during lunch breaks
  • be polite and respectful to colleagues and customers
  • listen carefully to induction and safety information, instructions and training
  • ask questions when you don’t understand something
  • show interest and enthusiasm in what’s going on
  • complete tasks given to you to the best of your ability, as long as you have been given enough information and instruction to do them safely
  • follow the health and safety precautions and procedures in your workplace
  • wear, and take care of, any protective clothing or kit you have been given, for example overalls or safety boots
  • take appropriate care of any tools or equipment you may be using
  • report all accidents, injuries and hazardous situations to your employer or supervisor
  • where relevant, follow your employer’s code of practice with regard to confidential information and data protection
  • keep a day-to-day record of your tasks and activities (using a log book or diary)


We expect you to:

  • follow the dress requirements set out in your Job Card
  • dress appropriately for your work environment - most employers expect a clean and tidy ‘smart casual’ appearance
  • wear any protective clothing or kit you have been provided with to keep you safe
  • keep jewellery and make-up to a
  • avoid wearing jeans and trainers, unless your employer gives you


You must not:

  • post any comments or pictures with regard to your work placement on social media sites
  • end your placement without notifying your employer/supervisor, your parents or carers and the school.

Note: If you are unable to start your placement, or return to it after an absence, you must come into school for the rest of your placement.


Enjoy your placement! Give it your best and get as much as you can from the experience.


The Parent Council are an excellent resource to help support Work Experience.

If you are looking for something specific but don't have any contacts yourself then the Parent Council will be happy to use their wider network of contacts to try to help find placements for our pupils.


All S4 pupils are being issued with a unique username and password for the WorkIT website that will provide a variety of work placements for pupils.

These placements have been pre-arranged and are available to pupils to book. Pupils can access the website using this address : www.workit.info

Please see your Pupil Support Leader if you have not received your personalised login details.

For more information ask your pupil support teacher.


However places are limited on the WorkIT website therefore finding your own placement is by and large the best option. However, the submission date is 6th September for this documentation so please get any completed forms to the School Office as a matter of priority.


FAQ Guide

Based on parental feedback we have identified a lot of the common questions pupils and parents have about Work Experience. This extensive guide helps to explain the oragnisation, timelines, common terminology and advice and guidance on how to arrange a work placement along with much more...

Self-Found Form

You can download a PDF version of the self-found work placement form which were issued to you at the start of work experience. This can then be:

  • emailed to employers and returned digitally to the school office.
  • printed and completed by employers then returned to the school office.

Download the self-found PDF file using the button below.

Template Email to Employers

Pupils often find it diffiuclt to make contact with employers. Writing that first email can be daunting, so we have created a simple teamplet letter for you which you can download, cut and paste into Word or an email and then adapt to suit your needs. 
Download the PDF template file using the button below.

This PDF is being adapted so the date of the Work Experience will need to be altered.

Employer Reports

Towards the end of the work experience placement we ask all employers to complete a short report as a record of the work placement. This can then be used by the pupil as a reference and also to learn about areas for improvement. 
Download the PDF template file using the button below.

Specialist Application Forms: NHS

NHS Lothian offer work experience on an application basis for pupils in S5+/16 years of age+.

Please download the paperwork below and return to the school office. NHS will then allocate you a placement - where possible. You can also note down a placement an NHS placement you could go on.
Please note that there are special conditions for these placements, see the FAQ guide on page 7.

Do you need support planning your work experience?

Please contact the school directly or click the button below to email us about any Work Experience queries.