SQA Exams : 2020 timetable

You can download a copy of the SQA exam timetable for 2020 here.

Please be aware that although the date of the exams will not alter, each school is able to alter the start time of each exam. We will produce our own bespoke timetable shortly and all students and parents should only use the school’s timetable once it is available.

Pupils who are eligible for Assessment Arrangements will have these arrangements confirmed by the SFL dept and are likely to receive a bespoke timetable nearer the time with their exact exam information.

Your coursework

Your coursework, whether a project, portfolio or assignment, shows the SQA how well you know a subject and gives you extra marks to add to your final grade. These booklets provide more information about what you need to know about your coursework.

Guide To Your Coursework

Polish Guide To Your Coursework

Urdu Guide To Your Coursework


The My SQA section on their website allows you to build your own timetable based on the subjects and levels you are sitting exams in. However, please note that the school can alter the start and finish time of any exam so although the day of the exam will normally be the same as the SQA timetable on their website, we can alter the start time. You must check your actual exam timetable on the SQA noticeboard in school or here as times and rooms can alter right up to the day of the exam

SQA Exam Timetable : The exam timetable implemented by the school will be found here.

If you miss an exam : it is possible for the school to use Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service through the SQA

The Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an exam, or those whose performance in the exam may have been affected by a personal circumstance or unplanned incident on the day, which is outwith their control. This service is available for all exams that appear in the exam timetable.

Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible for this service if they have:.

  • experienced a valid exceptional circumstance
  • completed all other parts of the course
  • had an estimated grade submitted by their centre

Only schools and colleges can submit requests. We can’t accept requests from candidates or parents/carers. If you are unable to sit any of your exams, you must notify the school prior to the start of the exam. You must then provide a medical letter or a letter from another appropriate professional who is able to evide3nce why you have been unable to sit the exam. The school will then look to see if there is sufficient evidence from prelims and course work / assignments to be able to proceed with the Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service.

Post Results Service (PRS)

Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible if their final grade is based on materials marked by SQA.

The final decision on whether to submit a Post-results Services request lies with the Head Teacher or Principal. We can’t accept requests from candidates or parents/carers.

What is a clerical check?

A clerical check makes sure that all parts of the materials have been marked and that the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly

What is a marking review?

            A marking review makes sure that: all parts of the materials have been marked, that the marking is in line with the national standard, that the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly and that the correct result has been entered

A priority marking review can be requested if the candidate requires a result to secure a conditional place at university or college.

The PRS (marking review) requests must come from the school itself. 

Any request made must be based on a change in letter grade and not only a change in band. 

The school can only consider making a PRS request where there is evidence of consistent performance throughout the year and over a full range of assessable elements. 

The school will always consider a PRS request where strong evidence exists to support it. By agreeing to a PRS request, pupils and parents acknowledge that the grade may go down as well as up

Results of SQA Post Result Services will be notified to schools on 27 September 2019

Parents/Pupils will then be informed of PRS result by letter.

Timeline for PRS for session 2019/20


SQA SCQF Level Information

Information relating to the SCQF levels can be found here

There are plans to have a parental information evening on the 14th November 2019 where guest speakers from the SQA, College and other partners will share information relating to the SQA, Apprenticeships and SCQF levels. More information to follow.