SQA Exams : 2022 timetable

You can download a copy of the Trinity SQA exam timetable for 2022 here.

This details the days and times when all the scheduled SQA exams are due to take place. At recent assemblies, all students were informed that some of the start times for the exams have been altered. These are highlighted in red on this document. It is imperative that all students attend school on the day of their exam and arrive at least 10 to 15 mins early to make sure they know the exact room their exam takes place as well as their seat number. This is explained in the second document entitled “Assembly – SQA procedures” which also details additional procedures students are required to know about sitting exams, what to do on the day of the exam and what to do if they are missing on the day of the exam – there are no catch up exams for any examinations in April/May. At this stage, the SQA have not released details about the Appeals process.


Exceptional Circumstances may be considered be only under these circumstances :

The Examination Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service supports candidates who are either:

a) unable to attend the exam or prevented from completing the exam due a personal circumstance outwith their control (such as a medical issue)


b) affected during the exam by a disruption, or other examination circumstance, reported by the chief invigilator

In these circumstances, we need to submit all evidence to the SQA including any medical notes etc within a short period of time and I would recommend that this should happen within a maximum of ten days from the day of the missed exam.


Study Guides

On Tuesday 8 March, the SQA released the information relating to the revision support for learners taking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams. The National 5 Study Guide Links document and the Higher Study Guide Links document provides a summary for all of the subjects being supported. You can also access these and those for Advanced Highers by following these links Search Resources (ushare.education) and www.sqa.org.uk/nqsubjects

Further information can be read in the Revision support for learners taking National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams document.


Glow and e-Sgoil

Glow and e-Sgoil. All students will be issued their Glow accounts on Friday 11 March during LFS. Glow has not previously been widely used within Edinburgh schools but we are keen to allow all students access to the additional resources that are available through this website – this includes the e-Sgoil Easter revision suport.

There are a range of attachments to support accessing Glow and a good starting point will be the GLOW User Guide document that takes you through the process of getting started. The other Glow guides Pupils Nutshells, Parents Nutshells and the GLOW e-Sgoil User Guide provide additional information about what supports are available through GLOW.

A summary of other Revision resources can be downloaded and provides information and links for E-Sgoil (Digital learning from Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar | e-Sgoil), West OS (West OS Live – The West Partnership), Scholar (Login (hw.ac.uk)) as well as other suggested sites to visit to provide additional study support including BBC Bitesize (Secondary Homework Help | Online subjects - BBC Bitesize).


Trinity Academy Revision Classes

We are currently collating the information relating to our own Easter Revision classes and will share this information as soon as possible. Not all subjects are able to provide these classes but, where staff are available, these will be offered.

Trinity achieves continues to run until the Easter break in most subject areas. Attendance at these has varied so there is definitely space available at most, if not all sessions. With around 20 teaching days until the Easter holidays (8 April), it is imperative to maximise any opportunity available for additional support.


Exam Leave

Exam Leave for all S5 and 6 students will begin on 27 April. S4 students who are studying five or more National 5 subjects will also receive the full quota of exam leave starting on 27 April. For those S4s who are studying four or less National 5s, the amount of exam leave available is dependent on the number of exams being sat and they will receive three days of exam leave per exam being sat. A priority will be for as many students as possible to try and complete their National 3 & 4 subjects prior to 27 April. Anyone who still has any National 3, 4 or NPAs (National Progression Awards) subjects still to complete will need to continue to attend school beyond 27 April in order to ensure that they achieve these qualifications this session. We will be in touch with all those who do not receive the full allocation of exam leave to explain the options available to them.


Assessment Arrangements (AAs)

The AAs are currently being processed and timetables will be available, hopefully, before the end of March. All dates and start times will be exactly the same as the attached “Trinity Academy SQA EXAM DIET 2022” document. If any student would like to know the details of where their exam takes place in advance, please approach Mr Nelson from 21 March.


Your coursework

Your coursework, whether a project, portfolio or assignment, shows the SQA how well you know a subject and gives you extra marks to add to your final grade. These booklets provide more information about what you need to know about your coursework.

Guide To Your Coursework

Polish Guide To Your Coursework

Urdu Guide To Your Coursework


The My SQA section on their website allows you to build your own timetable based on the subjects and levels you are sitting exams in. However, please note that the school can alter the start and finish time of any exam so although the day of the exam will normally be the same as the SQA timetable on their website, we can alter the start time. You must check your actual exam timetable on the SQA noticeboard in school or here as times and rooms can alter right up to the day of the exam