P7 Transition

At this time of the year we would normally be holding Transition Events and meetings for us to get to know you and for you to meet each other prior to starting S1 in August 2020. Of course, things are a bit different this year but I wanted to reassure you that the staff at Trinity Academy are thinking of you and are continuing to put plans in place to ensure that you have a smooth transition from primary school to secondary school.

We have already met pupils from our Cluster Primaries, Trinity, Wardie and Victoria, and they have had a chance to visit the school. For other pupils, the map of the school and short film (coming soon) will give you some idea of what the school is like. We have also spoken to your primary teachers and are gathering all the information we need to make up the new S1 classes and make final plans for your transition.

At the moment we don’t know if the 3 day visit in June will go ahead or not but we plan to share lots of information on our website over the next few weeks to answer any questions you have and help to prepare you for your move to us in August. In the mean time we thought you might like to see inside the school and hear from a few of the teachers. This is a short film made by some P7 pupils last year, you might recognise some of them.



All the staff at Trinity Academy look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Keep safe and well.
Ms Kath Stewart
Depute Head Teacher




You'll find some files below to download in order to find out more about various aspects of the school and we will add more to this section over the next few days and weeks.

S1 Booklet

Meet The Pupil Support Team

School Uniform

Stevenson's Flyer

6VT Moving On Up