TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050
TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050

Post School Transition

Pathways Beyond School

On 25 February 2021, Trinity Academy hosted a virtual Transitions event for all parents/carers and students in S3-6. The event was to enable students and their parents/carers to consider the options available to them for positive destinations beyond school. The PDF showing the powerpoint slides used at the event can be found below.

The agenda and presenters for the event were as follows:

This meeting will provide parents and guardians of students in S3 to S6 with information relating to the opportunities available to them beyond school. The guest speakers include Lynn Munro (Skills Development Scotland), Mike Brown (Edinburgh College) and Elizabeth Hazley (DYW Coordinator) and Doug Robertson (Pupil Support Leader).

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Intro and welcome : Bryan Campbell (DHT)
  2. SDS – role of SDS, My World of Work, Modern Apprenticeships, Graduate Apprenticeships, how to get career advice : Lynn Munro (SDS)
  3. College : Applying to College, College as a positive destination and Foundation Apprenticeships : Mike Brown (Edinburgh College)
  4. DYW : Role of DYW, Edinburgh guarantee, labour market info etc : Elizabeth Hazley (DYW Coordinator)
  5. UCAS : Doug Robertson (Pupil Support Leader)
  6. Q&A
Careers Service

Lynn Munro (Careers Advisor) is still available for any career related information / advice / guidance. You can contact her by text/email/phone using the contact details below.


Teams: 0131 376 2284

Mobile: 07880 054930

There are also some useful websites which might be of interest to you : – for all your work, skills and learning needs – making skills work for employers – for all the latest on apprenticeships – corporate website

Leavers’ Booklet

You can view and download the Trinity leavers’ booklet here. This booklet will help you after leaving school. It contains information about how to contact SDS for Career Support after you have left school. If you need any support, information or advice in the meantime, you can contact Trinity’s Career Adviser 

My World of Work

My World of Work is Scotland’s careers information and advice web service. At school and right through to retirement, My World of Work helps you with up-to-date information, advice and tools when you need it most:

We all want a direction to go in. But sometimes the path’s not clear. My World of Work can help you find your way.

Your My World of Work account will help you discover careers which match your skills, interests, education and experience. Tell us about your ambition and we’ll help you find out how you can work towards it. Find out what your strengths are, and how they can help you pick a career that will suit you.

Set up an account if you haven’t already done so by following this link

You can use their subject choices tool to see where your favourite school subjects could take you.



Edinburgh Guarantee

Edinburgh Guarantee

The aspiration of the Edinburgh Guarantee is that the public, private, voluntary and education sectors will work in partnership to ensure that every young person in Edinburgh will leave school with the choice of a job, Modern Apprenticeship, Graduate Apprenticeship, training programme or further education place available to them.

On a weekly basis they produce bulletin detailing the range of opportunities available that week. There are pupil Senior Phase sections and a link to the Jobs Board for those who are thinking about leaving or who have left.


Foundation Apprenticeships

You can choose a Foundation Apprenticeship as one of your subject selections in S5 or S6. It’s a qualification, over 1 or 2 years, that lets you gain work experience in one of Scotland’s 12 growth industries while you’re still at school. And it fits in with your other senior subjects.

You spend one day or two half days a week working with a local employer, learning the skills that you will need in your future career, wherever that takes you.

You might be working in a creative design studio delivering new content to a design brief with the Creative and Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship. Or, you could be surveying sites in construction as part of your Civil Engineering FA.

You’ll also be developing communication, team-work and self-management skills, giving you a head start for your future.

Modern Apprenticeships

Get a job. Get paid. Get qualified. With a Modern Apprenticeship you learn on the job, and get the experience you need. Plus, you work towards a qualification. Whether you’re thinking about the future, job hunting, or want to learn new skills, a Modern Apprenticeship could be for you.

Graduate Apprenticeships

Get a job, get paid and get a degree at the same time. Did you know 72% of Scottish employers think job applicants lack technical, practical or job specific skills?

A Graduate Apprenticeship helps you build the skills and knowledge that Scottish industries need. You’ll work, get paid, and achieve a degree – even up to masters level.

You’ll spend most of your time learning on the job, but will also be a student at a university or college.


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