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Update on Coursing & Reporting


Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers,

I hope everyone is doing well during the school closure. I wanted to provide an update on a couple of the areas on my remit:

Tracking Reports

While we would normally have more reports to be issued, these have now been postponed indefinitely. Technically, it is simply not possible for staff to enter their reports as our reporting system uses a database which runs locally on the school server and can only be accessed from inside the school.

Coursing & Timetabling

I’ll start by saying that out Pupil Support Leaders did a fantastic job before the school was closed and managed to phone as many pupils as possible to get their course choices in for next year. This information is the foundation to the coursing process and ensures we achieve a pupil centred timetable which meets the needs of our learners and supports them on their pathways through school. If your child did not submit a course choice form please do not worry, they will setup their timetable when they return to school but they will have to fit within the timetable pattern/structure.

I have now been processing this data using software to generate a timetable “pattern” which will satisfy the majority of pupils choices. At present I have a 98% satisfaction for S456 and 100% or S3. Please be aware that this does include the use of some reserve choices – which is why we ask for them. I have swapped a choice 1-5 for a reserve where:

  • a pupil has two of their preferred subjects running at the same time and I cannot fit them into another column
  • a class does not have the appropriate numbers to run

I also have a handful of pupils who I will be contacting this week as I need to discuss alternative options with them. Please be aware my number will come up as withheld as I am calling from my personal mobile  - can I encourage you to answer over the next few days.

In closing, I will update everyone on coursing once again after the Easter break. I hope you all take care of yourselves and each other. Please ensure you enjoy your Easter break as much as possible. Home learning and day to day life is challenging just now, it is important that everyone takes their break so they are re-energised and ready for the coming  months/next term.

Best wishes,

James Todd (DHT)

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