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S1 Drama Visit – Big Data Show – Thursday April 25th



We are offering two free performances of The Big Data Show as part of Cyber Scotland Week on the

25th April 2019 at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh. The Big Data Show toured schools in

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth with enormous success in the Autumn of 2018.

Pupils “became much more aware of the amount of data gathering going on in the background

without them giving explicit permission and this was a shock to them.” - Mrs Hollas. Drama Teacher. Perth Academy.

The Big Data Show took young people through a powerful process of experiential learning. The

‘shock factor’ created by the show encouraged young people to critically reflect on the data they are sharing with tech companies and the potential personal consequences.

Liz Green: YouthLink Scotland - The National Agency for Youth Work. Workforce and

Practice Manager

The Big Data Show plugs (very acutely and vividly) right into the Scottish Government’s ambitions to raise the public’s awareness of cyber threat and to promote exciting careers in the area of ethical hacking, and as such will be an engaging and creative means of helping to equip and strengthen Scotland’s communities, society and economy.

Daniel Sellers. Cyber Resilience Learning and skills workstream coordinator.

This is a dynamic and highly relevant piece of theatre which shocks, entertains and informs young people into an awareness of who has their data, and what they could potentially do with it.

Louise Brown Citizens’ Theatre Glasgow Creative Learning Officer


The Big Data Show is about cyber security. It is about who knows what about you, what you are ‘agreeing’ to when you download an app and how to live with the challenges of social media. It is a show that happens as much through the pupils’ own mobile phones as through live performance and interaction with actors. The workshops are targeted at S1 pupils, with a fake data breach devised and performed by

a group of senior pupils. This is part of the development of a project. We aim to be in full production in June 2020.

The Big Data Show Information for Parents and Guardians

The Big Data Show is a history of hacking and digital magic show. It is a live performance led by young “digital magicians” or ethical hackers who have experienced trolling and bullying through social media and are here to help and inspire the next generation of cyber citizens, scientists and artists.

These digital magicians have created “Swipe” - a game with secrets and hidden powers to tell the story of the first hack to be prosecuted in the UK and safely test the audience’s knowledge and curiosity about how the technology which they carry around in their pockets every day works.

The performance will take approximately 60 minutes and requires pupils to download and play a game on their own phone. No personal data will be taken from any pupil’s phone at any time. The show does however present a series of digital tricks that might look like we have access to personal data. This is as a learning technique to stimulate curiosity and analysis of what data is, who collects it and why.

The University of Stirling has conducted a small evaluation of the performance, through asking audience members questions about their awareness of the issues both before and after the performance and it has showed that the workshop raises participants’ data literacy.

Who has reviewed this research project?

This project has been ethically approved via The University of Stirling General University Ethics Panel. Advice and support was also provided by a panel of independent experts in The Big Data Show ethics committee and a risk assessment for the project can be found here: https://civicdigits.com/teachers-pack/risk-assessment/

Many thanks

Clare Duffy

Artistic Director Civic Digits Theatre Company

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