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Update from Mr Paterson (HT)


What a hugely difficult and trying time this is for all of us! Teachers have done their utmost to try and design learning opportunities for students to engage in from afar. All of this done in the very week we were being asked to close for an indefinite time. They and the admin team are to be congratulated for this.

Having a daughter going into S6 next session, I know only too well that this is a very anxious time for our students who were about to sit SQA exams, especially when advice hasn’t been clear enough. I am aware that some schools across the country have attempted to bolster evidence by contriving additional online prelims. Notwithstanding the ethics around this, such practice does not comply with SQA advice as posted on our website, advice which will be updated as soon as we are able to. What I can say is that in Trinity we track progress throughout the year and will be able to comply with any future update with regards to estimated grades. We do this with utter professionalism and won’t be detracted from this.

My advice to all students in the Senior Phase is to continue to study at home in preparation for returning to school in due course. It would be foolish to do otherwise or to view lockdown as something of an extended holiday. Students can contact Teachers, Pupil Support or indeed Heads of House and me should they have any queries.

In terms of future communications, it is clearly difficult for us to do what we have done from afar. There has been criticism that my colleagues are communicating with students and not parents. This is unfair. Teachers expect any communication to be shared with you. That said, I will always ensure that updates and advice are posted on our website. Parents will be alerted to this via our App; the expectation being all students and parents will have already signed up for this. Similarly, Deputes will also ensure other information is posted for you. I will also be in direct communication with Mike Nicholson, Chair of our Parent Council to discuss any issues as these arise.

Keep safe and well

Bryan Paterson, Head Teacher

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