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Rector's Blog 5th December 2019


I know I do go on a bit about our year on year improvements in attainment, but this doesn’t come with the wind, nor is it to be taken for granted.  In our school, we recognise that extending the course choices open to our students and ensuring positive progressive coursing are critical factors in raising attainment for all. We now have a much wider range of courses than before including Drama, Dance, Psychology, Music technology, Photography and the like alongside enduring positive partnership with Edinburgh College to deliver an even wide range of opportunities that can’t be delivered in school. We are also in the process of rebuilding Home Economics as a subject, and my intention is to appoint another teacher to join Ms Anstruther in developing courses to Higher level. 

Mr Todd is already engaged in the process of beginning to formulate NEXT year’s timetable; his work on this seems never ending! What is particularly pleasing in our school is the fact that students’ choices lead the process, and because of this, we have an almost 100% satisfaction rate, as students are coursed to their fullest potential.  IT plays a huge role in this with the whole process being fully automated in recent years. All information is on our website and the school App, including how our students will be supported in deciding course choice at every level. 

Parents/carers of senior students will know that we are in the middle of “prelim season,“ I have reminded our students that prelims give an indication of future success, but are not definitive. There is more learning time after prelims than before. If students are disappointed with their results, there will still be ample time to improve post-Christmas. That is not to be complacent, but rather to ensure a greater focus next term.

Finally, a number of students have been asking me if I am leaving. The cat appears to be well and truly out of the bag here, and I can confirm my intention to retire at the end of this session. My intention has always been to retire at 60 (I know I don’t look it!), and I have to say I have never worked for such a wonderful group of colleagues as I have here in Trinity; and I’ve been around! Similarly parents/carers  the Parent Council have been a huge support in re building our reputation as one of the best schools in the city. But I’m not finished yet…June is a long way off!

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