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Rector's Blog 20th December 2019


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This past year has seen us continue to on our journey to be one of the most creative, inclusive and highest attaining schools in the city.  The key to our success is undoubtedly a commitment to delivering on our all-consuming ethos of “only the best will do in all that we do.”  This of course doesn’t come with the wind! The appointment and retention of excellent teachers who, on a daily basis go well beyond the call of duty; our fantastic students and not forgetting the support and (sometimes challenge!)  from our Parent Council has all meant that our success is truly a community effort, and I thank everyone for your continued efforts and support.

Particular thanks go to Liz Blair who stepped down as chair of the Parent Council this year. I simply could not let the year pass without letting you all know how much Liz’s support has meant to our school over recent years! Her support, challenge, and humour in supporting the school and in representing the parent voice at all levels has been wonderful as is the news that notwithstanding relinquishing the chair, Liz is still an active member of what must be the most proactive and supportive Parent Council in the City.

The winner of this year’s S1 Christmas poem and who won the right to ring the school bell to start the holidays is Finn Sherer 1Y3.  Commended were; Jaya Singh, Sophie Aitken, William Duncan and Kyle Osborne. Finn’s poem is copied below.

Winter’s Here

When Jack frost strokes the windows

And the wind bites the cheeks on your face,

And the robins hop from branch to branch;

You know winter’s here.

When the snowballs fly past through the air

And you need “five more minutes in bed,

And you sit in the warmth by the fireside;

You know winter’s here.

When the stars are pricks in the dark sky

And the wind whistles through the bare trees,

And twinkly decorations deck the halls;

You know winter’s here.

When midnight’s working overtime a

And the radio Times is all sold out,

And raisins are everywhere you look;

You know that winter’s here

When the snow turns to slush

And the flowers peek through the earth,

And the bleary-eyed hedgehog creeps out of her burrow;

You know that spring is here!


Thanks again to all  for your efforts on behalf of our community. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year



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