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Rector's Blog 15th January 2019


Happy New Year to all!

As we go into the new year and reflect on the difference in our school since School Inspection in 2015 and now, and the sheer hard work and commitment of all in our school community to build a culture of ‘Only the best will do in all we do’, it is clear that this hard work is paying significant dividends. The future looks very promising indeed as we continue to raise attainment and achievement across our school. As I said in my last blog, this is more to do with attracting and nurturing the best possible teachers to our school than anything else. As colleagues leave to promoted posts I can assure you that our continued success as a school means we attract very high quality professionals to replace those who move on. I am in no doubt that the fantastic results in recent years (and in particular last year) had an impact on the quality of applicants. I am also in no doubt we have some of the very best teachers in the city and beyond, and thereby our continued success for our school is assured!

Recent staff changes include:

• Maths – Mr Dave McKay promoted to Curriculum Leader at Firrhill High
• Maths – Ms Catriona Keating appointed. Takes up post in 4 weeks.
• Support for Learning - Mr Adrian Moir appointed and in post.
• Support for Learning - Ms Aileen Swalwell appointed and in post.
• Biology – Ms Kirsty Haldane appointed (already in post).
• Chemistry – Dr Norman Zhu appointed and in post.
• English – Ms Gill McKay returns from maternity leave 21st January.
• Computing – Mr Caldwell on sabbatical until August. Mr Rikki Breach has been promoted as Acting CL until his return.
• FCT - Ms Cairns and Ms Calder in place. Ms Mackie (Classroom Support Assistant) has also been invaluable. Revised coursed rec HWB framework in place.

Health and Wellbeing

Some very interesting perceptions from parents and students in a recent survey on health and wellbeing, with many commenting on the lack of healthy options at lunch time. I should like to assure you that this perception is absolutely not true, and I do wonder where this comes from. I can confirm that on a daily basis fresh homemade soups, baked potatoes, sandwiches and at least two main meal options which include vegetables, are available to students. In addition, our “fast food” option delivers healthier low fat, low salt, low sugar and gluten free snacks. All that said, the number of students who seem to spend their lunch money outwith school on unhealthy alternatives is alarming. It is not unusual to see students spending money on large packets of crisps, donuts and large bottles of fizzy drinks. Can I therefore ask all parents to please have a discussion with your children on the importance of making healthy choices…and to at least try healthier meal options in school?

Onwards and Upwards!

Whole School Tracking and Monitoring (Senior Phase)

New model in place since before Christmas.

S1 Residential

Information evening very busy. All looking forward to this wonderful experience.

School Show

Rehearsals continue for what looks to be even more spectacular than last year!

S4 Parents’ Night

Takes place on 31st January. Booking for this opens at 7pm on Thursday 24th January.

S1 Residential - Info from Parents Evening
Staff Christmas Video 2018