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Latest Advice for Senior Pupils


Advice for pupils who are continuing studies next session

Some pupils have questioned staff with regards to whether they should be studying all of their subjects.

We would advise, if your son/daughter is intending to continue with a certain subject next session, then they ought to be continuing to study the subject and look at extending their study into the level above, once you have consolidated their learning from your current level (N4, N5 or H).

If you do not intend studying a certain subject next session then you should be directing your study to the subjects you are intending to study next session.

The only difficulty is that there is still some uncertainty from the SQA about how they will determine your final grade so please be mindful of this when deciding whether you choose to continue your studies of a subject.

Scholar will be opening up the level above current study for all pupils in due course. This will be beneficial to pupils who intend to continue with the subject. The following courses are available.

Course Title Course Title
English Biology & Human Biology
National 5 English National 5 Biology
Higher English Higher Biology
Advanced Higher English Higher Human Biology
French Advanced Higher Biology
Support Materials for Nat 5 French Chemistry
Higher French National 5 Chemistry
Advanced Higher French Higher Chemistry
Spanish Advanced Higher Chemistry
Support Materials for Nat 5 Spanish Physics
Higher Spanish National 5 Physics
Advanced Higher Spanish Higher Physics
Art & Design Advanced Higher Physics
Higher Art and Design Mathematics
Computing National 5 Maths
National 5 Computing Science Higher Maths
Higher Computing Science Advanced Higher Maths
Advanced Higher Computing Science Business Management
  Higher Business Management
  Advanced Higher Business Management
  Higher Psychology



SQA Update

The most recent update from the SQA can be found here : www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/93658.html

There were deadlines set for some subjects for completion of folios, assignments and dissertations beyond this week. Although we are not routinely gathering further coursework, these deadlines should still be adhered to, where possible, in order to meet the requirements set down by the SQA. We have yet to receive complete guidance from the SQA with regards these so in the meantime, pupils should stick to the deadlines already provided. Individual teachers can remind pupils of these if required.

Home Learning Suggestions for Friday 27th March
Update from Mr Paterson (HT)

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