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Home Learning Suggestions for Thursday 26th March


Learning Ideas for Thursday 26th March

There are lots of ideas and suggestions on our website and we would recommend that this is where you look first www.trinity.edin.sch.uk/covid-19.html

You can access your office 365 account (including Teams) at https://office365.edin.org

Audible stories is free while schools are closed.

This means you can access some great books to listen to while off school.



English Microsoft Teams : NEW
Please note that the English  Dept is now posting Weekly Activity Plans for each year group (S1-S3) on Teams.
BGE ENGLISH  Code : beryusm


Modern Languages

Pupils using Linguascope: 

Please note there has been a change of password for the linguascope site. Check school app or the message on teams to find out new details.



What could you be doing in History?

S1: Make a character profile on William Wallace using this documentary 


Think about:

  • His date of birth and historical debates over who his father was and if he was a knight or a farmer
  • A tragic love story- did he marry and how did he become the hero after killing William Hazlrig
  • How did he secure victory for the Scottish at Stirling Bridge (also who was Andrew Murray/ Moray
  • Campaigns in England - did he build a vicious reptutation?
  • Defeat at Falkirk
  • How was he captured?
  • Trial and execution

S2: Research the Warsaw Ghetto (how many people placed here, conditions in the Ghettos and was there an uprising?)

S3: Research Granville Sharp, Thomas Clarkson, William Wilberforce, and Olaudah Equiano and put down their role in the abolitionist movement. Do either a profile of each of these men or a mind-map. Resources also available on Teams. 


Business Management

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Update from Mr Paterson (HT)
SQA Statement on coursework for National Courses

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