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French Trip Blog - End of Week Thoughts

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This June, my peers and I, along with some of Trinity’s teachers, went on an exciting trip to France, which was both educational and recreational. We stayed just twenty miles outside of Paris at “Château de Grande Romaine”, a large building with amazing facilities including: a tennis court, two basketball courts, a football pitch and swimming pool which we were able to use often. We all enjoyed cooling down and playing in the pool after going out on a day trip. We also had a disco and fashion show on Thursday which was great fun.

The food that the Château served was tasty and available to everyone despite there being specific dietary needs and preferences. We were able to experience lots of different French cuisine including pastries for breakfast, cheeses and snacks for lunches and one of my personal favourites for dinner, escargot (snails). The French are known for their love of food and this displayed in what we ate over the duration of the week.

We went on three interesting and enjoyable day trips: into Paris to explore an area with art at it’s heart, followed by a boat trip along the River Seine through the city, where we could listen to an audio guide and learn about famous landmarks. We also visited a market where we bought our own lunches and ate them at Château de Fontainebleau, a palace where many French rulers lived, including Napoleon. We learned about their lives by viewing art and personal belongings from the renaissance period. On the Thursday, we went to Parc Astérix, a theme park devoted to the popular French cartoon: “Astérix et Obélix”. We all had a really good time, my personal favourite ride being “Tonnerre De Zeus” (Thunder of Zeus) which is a huge wooden roller coaster. When I was on it, I moved so fast it felt like I was a dive bombing falcon.

In conclusion, this trip to France has been a huge success and I would definitely recommend it to younger pupils thinking of coming when they are in S2. I really enjoyed the experience and will remember it in years to come.

By Luke Norman




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