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French Trip Blog - Day 1


After a much needed night of sleep, and a nutritious French breakfast (pain au chocolats and croissants), we set off for the long coach journey to the Sacre Coeur. With temperatures over 30°C it made the whole day sweltering. We spent the time fanning ourselves and enjoying the sunshine. The Sacre Coeur was absolutely beautiful, with noticeable white domes, showing off the incredible architecture.

Having admired the church, we then explored the surrounding streets, filled with tourist shops and ice cream parlours (yum!). 

For lunch we visited the Eiffel Tower, sitting next to the immense structure, while munching our sandwiches. Nothing could have prepared us for its stature and aura, especially not the little Eiffel Tower keychains that were sold all over Paris.

Afterwards we walked along one of the many bridges that line the Seine, and went onto a boat tour along the banks. The audio guide described the building of Paris and its history, dating back to where the foundations of Paris were placed, through to the French Revolution, ending in the city we know in the modern world. 

That finished our day in the capital of France.

Antonina Puchala & Catriona Hall ⭐

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French Trip Blog - Day 2
Paolozzi Competition Winner

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