SQA Statement on coursework for National Courses

SQA statement on coursework for National Courses


Tuesday 24 March 2020

Following the announcement by the First Minister on Sunday, that no young person with SQA coursework to complete should attend school to do so, we continue to work hard on how we should take coursework evidence into account, in determining young people’s final grades.

Everyone here at SQA will do their utmost, given the current situation, and with the support of the education system, to ensure that learners’ hard work is rightly and fairly recognised and allows them to proceed to further learning or work.

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Home Learning Suggestions for Wednesday 25th March

Ideas for Wednesday 25th March

There are lots of ideas and suggestions on our website and we would recommend that this is where you look first www.trinity.edin.sch.uk/covid-19.html

You can access your office 365 account (including Teams) at https://office365.edin.org


Audible stories is free while schools are closed.

This means you can access some great books to listen to while the school is closed.

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SQA Update

We now know that the SQA exams have been cancelled but at this stage we do not have any details on how results / grades will be determined. We will be releasing further information once this has been clarified. Staff are still gathering information relating to predicted grades and will use their knowledge of individual pupils and their professional judgement in deciding any predicted grades. As well as using prelim results, other formative or summative evidence teachers have available will be used when deciding upon estimates.

We hope to also receive clarification from the SQA on how to proceed with incomplete coursework. 

We ask that all pupils and parents remain patient at this time as staff will be compiling these estimates, as they do annually. No estimates have been submitted to the SQA at this stage. We are unable to provide individuals with estimate information until we receive further guidance from the SQA. 

 We will of course keep pupils and parents updated over the next few days.


Coronavirus Latest Advice (10th March)

You can find the latest letter from Andy Gray (CEC Chief Education Officer) here.

You can find the latest advice from NHS Scotland here.


School Meals Update

You may already be aware that the Scottish Government are changing the legislative requirements for school meals. The four main themes of the new legislation are:

• To increase the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables
• To reduce sugar in school food and drinks
• Limit the amount of processed and red meat served in schools
• Ensure the energy values of meals are consistent with current guidance

The City of Edinburgh Council have been working with the new guidelines in preparation for the August 2020 launch. A summary of the key changes you will see in the secondary school meals service are shown below;

• Enhanced fruit and vegetable availability – We will do this by ensuring our recipes contain enhanced levels of vegetables and offering a free vegetable soup or salad with every hot meal. A free portion of fruit will also be made available for pupils with every meal sold
• Enhanced levels of energy available in secondary school meals - Our 2 course set menu will be calculated to ensure it contains a greater level of energy for high school pupils – we will advertise this on our menus in school
• Increased fibre in all bread products – We will be switching to wholemeal or high fibre bread, paninis, rolls and baguettes
• Current snack products must meet lower levels of saturated fat, salt and sugar – a new range of low sugar baking will be introduced in schools, packaged products such as baked crisps and popcorn will meet new legislation
• Limit the amount of red and red processed meat on menus – our morning break service will be refreshed to reduce the frequency of breakfast products such as bacon and sausage, a new range of morning snacks will be introduced. We have also increased the amount of plant and fish based dishes to encourage uptake of vegetables
• Remove high sugar fruit based drinks – over the next year the canteen will only be serving drinks that meet the new legislative requirements with many manufacturers introducing low sugar alternatives
• Restrict pastry products from school menus – items such as croissants and pies will be reduced so they only feature on our school menus twice per week.

Our in house catering teams are working hard to promote the catering service and working with school groups to educate them on the new standards and why they are important for the nations health. Please ask your children to engage with the service and enquire about the changes. More information on the changes can be found here: https://www.gov.scot/news/making-school-food-healthier/


Reading List of Contemporary Titles for S4-S6 pupils

Push yourself out of your comfort zone by diving into the mean streets of America in The Hate U Give or exploring the new fantasy landscape of The Book of Dust. Then find yourself on the run alongside Connor in his Farewell Tour before you can recover from your electrifying encounter with The Power. All these books – and more – can be found on this boundary-pushing list. Download Dare-to-Read-2019.pdf if you dare!


Proposed Bangholm Sports Facility

New Bangholm

There is currently a planning application online for the development of the Bangholm sports facility, proposed as Phase 1 of Trinity Academy’s development. Comments can be made by Jan 31st.



Rector's Blog 20th December 2019


This past year has seen us continue to on our journey to be one of the most creative, inclusive and highest attaining schools in the city.  The key to our success is undoubtedly a commitment to delivering on our all-consuming ethos of “only the best will do in all that we do.”  This of course doesn’t come with the wind! The appointment and retention of excellent teachers who, on a daily basis go well beyond the call of duty; our fantastic students and not forgetting the support and (sometimes challenge!)  from our Parent Council has all meant that our success is truly a community effort, and I thank everyone for your continued efforts and support.

Particular thanks go to Liz Blair who stepped down as chair of the Parent Council this year. I simply could not let the year pass without letting you all know how much Liz’s support has meant to our school over recent years! Her support, challenge, and humour in supporting the school and in representing the parent voice at all levels has been wonderful as is the news that notwithstanding relinquishing the chair, Liz is still an active member of what must be the most proactive and supportive Parent Council in the City.

The winner of this year’s S1 Christmas poem and who won the right to ring the school bell to start the holidays is Finn Sherer 1Y3.  Commended were; Jaya Singh, Sophie Aitken, William Duncan and Kyle Osborne. Finn’s poem is copied below.

Winter’s Here

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S1-S3 Achievement Token Winners!

The new S1-3 Token Achievement System has been a real success since we started using it in August. Since October we have been keeping a tally of all the tokens the pupils have received and we can reveal that Arran are the first House to receive a termly reward! Well done to all Arran House pupils.

The token box has now been emptied, and we start a fresh for next term. Which House will be the winner in April 2020!? The competition starts now!

Good luck all!




NCH Essay Competition

Congratulations to Anna Davidson(S6), who won a £500 second place prize in the English essay category at the 2019 New College of the Humanities London Essay Competition Awards Ceremony. 

There were over 3,600 entries into this year's competition, so it's an incredible achievement for Anna to have picked up a prize.


SQA Results

Congratulations to all students on your examination results. You will be pleased to know that the school’s results have increased significantly for the fourth year in a row. We are ahead of the Edinburgh average on most indicators and indeed have achieved some of the best results in the city. We are not complacent however, and will continue to strive for year on year improvement and to be the best that we can be in all that we do.

S4 results

This year 47% of our students achieved five National Five awards or more in S4; an increase of 1% on last year and higher than the Edinburgh average by 4%.

On the downside, there has been a slight but not significant decline in results at National 3 and National 4. For those who are disappointed in your results, please don’t hesitate to speak to your Head of House on return.

Excellent Higher results in S5 and buck the National position

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Shell Bright Ideas Bright Sparks Win £2,500 To Enhance Stem at Trinity Academy

Following on from our trip to London last week, our Shell Bright Ideas team has been recognised as one of the top five National Finalists (out of almost 400 entries from across the UK) in Shell’s new schools competition.  

Students were tasked with using their science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills to come up with creative solutions to the energy challenges that cities will face in 2050. 

We received £2,500 that will go towards STEM The students also received cash vouchers, plus a funded VIP winners’ experience in London, which included a prototyping workshop at Imperial College London. This took place in a state-of-the-art makerspace, led by experts, the workshop is a hands-on opportunity for our students to take their winning idea to the next level.As regional winners, the pupils presented their ideas to the judges,got practical tips from a science communications workshop and had the opportunity to meet maths expert and TV celebrity Rachel Riley! 

We are incredibly proud of the whole tram. They have gone from strength to strength this year competing in an array of competitions together and having huge successes. Well done to you all, we look forward to seeing what designs you come up with next year! 

You can find out more about the Challenge at shell.co.ukk


French Trip Blog - End of Week Thoughts

Parc Asterix Group

This June, my peers and I, along with some of Trinity’s teachers, went on an exciting trip to France, which was both educational and recreational. We stayed just twenty miles outside of Paris at “Château de Grande Romaine”, a large building with amazing facilities including: a tennis court, two basketball courts, a football pitch and swimming pool which we were able to use often. We all enjoyed cooling down and playing in the pool after going out on a day trip. We also had a disco and fashion show on Thursday which was great fun.

The food that the Château served was tasty and available to everyone despite there being specific dietary needs and preferences. We were able to experience lots of different French cuisine including pastries for breakfast, cheeses and snacks for lunches and one of my personal favourites for dinner, escargot (snails). The French are known for their love of food and this displayed in what we ate over the duration of the week.

We went on three interesting and enjoyable day trips: into Paris to explore an area with art at it’s heart, followed by a boat trip along the River Seine through the city, where we could listen to an audio guide and learn about famous landmarks. We also visited a market where we bought our own lunches and ate them at Château de Fontainebleau, a palace where many French rulers lived, including Napoleon. We learned about their lives by viewing art and personal belongings from the renaissance period. On the Thursday, we went to Parc Astérix, a theme park devoted to the popular French cartoon: “Astérix et Obélix”. We all had a really good time, my personal favourite ride being “Tonnerre De Zeus” (Thunder of Zeus) which is a huge wooden roller coaster. When I was on it, I moved so fast it felt like I was a dive bombing falcon.

In conclusion, this trip to France has been a huge success and I would definitely recommend it to younger pupils thinking of coming when they are in S2. I really enjoyed the experience and will remember it in years to come.

By Luke Norman


French Trip Blog - Day 2

Chateau de Fontainebleau

Today was very eventful. We started off our day at 8:10 am, 40 minutes after everyone else had been woken up. Even though a teacher knocked on our door, we slept through everything. It’s safe to say we were kind of LATE for breakfast. 

Our first stop was at the market in the sunny, beautiful town of Melun. We were given the task of buying fillings for our baguettes and any other food we wanted. The twist was EVERYTHING had to be ordered in French. It was…interesting. On offer there was ham, cheese, chicken with the head still attached, many clothes and spray water guns (these were a big hit with the Trinity pupils). Half of our team managed to buy a full head of lettuce and 12 cans of Orangina. Many of us successfully completed the task. I repeat MANY of us, not all though. 

We then jumped back on the bus and made our way to Chateau de Fontainebleau. We had our homemade lunch outside in the now 38 degrees weather. We all sat in the shade, but it didn’t stop us from running through the sprinklers. After we ate, we had a bit of free time. The time was used taking photos of a massive beetle and looking at the French pigeons. We then entered the house of Napoleon Bonaparte…

It was huge, posh and very well decorated. Our audio guides were very interested in talking about the plates, fabrics and the paintings. The fabrics were definitely a common subject…

We walked through the rooms, looking at the artefacts and the paintings, getting split from our group and turning our audio guides into German and Chinese. All in all it was a great day with lots of memories and once in a life time experiences.

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French Trip Blog - Day 1

After a much needed night of sleep, and a nutritious French breakfast (pain au chocolats and croissants), we set off for the long coach journey to the Sacre Coeur. With temperatures over 30°C it made the whole day sweltering. We spent the time fanning ourselves and enjoying the sunshine. The Sacre Coeur was absolutely beautiful, with noticeable white domes, showing off the incredible architecture.

Having admired the church, we then explored the surrounding streets, filled with tourist shops and ice cream parlours (yum!). 

For lunch we visited the Eiffel Tower, sitting next to the immense structure, while munching our sandwiches. Nothing could have prepared us for its stature and aura, especially not the little Eiffel Tower keychains that were sold all over Paris.

Afterwards we walked along one of the many bridges that line the Seine, and went onto a boat tour along the banks. The audio guide described the building of Paris and its history, dating back to where the foundations of Paris were placed, through to the French Revolution, ending in the city we know in the modern world. 

That finished our day in the capital of France.

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Paolozzi Competition Winner

Congratulations to Dan Hildersley who won 1st prize in the category of Overcoming Barriers in the recent Paolozzi competition organised by Art and Creative Learning, City of Edinburgh Council aimed at S5/6 pupils from all Edinburgh Secondary Schools.

Dan was nominated because the work entitled ‘Myself and A Reflection” is symbolic of his own experience of how poor mental health can particularly effect the perception of the self. 

Dan used his S6 Advanced Higher Art portfolio as a reflective exercise on mental health in order to move forward from this longstanding issue. This self-portrait triptych shows the denial and isolation often partnered with such an experience, meaning that the person concerned cannot see the damage that is being done, symbolised by the shielded faces of the figures refusing to see their own reflections in the mirrors.

Dan fought this battle with his health on a daily basis but continued to work at an exceptional pace and level, showing determination to succeed in life, producing work of an outstanding quality. This clearly demonstrates how he has turned such a debilitating illness into an experience to learn from, creating work of such strength that will inspire others.


Prize Giving

On Thursday 6th of June, Trinity Academy celebrated the academic and wider achievement of many pupils from across the school at our annual prize giving ceremony. A copy of the programme from the evening is attached. In addition, on Friday 7th of June, there were further assemblies recognising the achievements of many more pupils in Arran, Orkney and Skye Houses. Congratulations to all who received an award a this years events.


Trinity Cricket Club

Cricket season is in full swing, we have played George Watson’s and attended the beach games in the last week – a trip to Stewart Melville’s is next up after some more practice at Bangholm (Mondays after school). Remarkably we are yet to lose time to poor weather (fingers crossed this continues).

Shell's Bright Idea Challenge

Following on from the Team’s #DigiInventor success (for those of you who followed us on Twitter), the pupils pulled their array of skills and attributes together to enter Shell’s Bright Idea Challenge. With this competition they are asked to come up with a creative solution that will sustainably provide energy for the world’s growing population; more specifically imagining how cities will look in 2050 when it is estimated that the population will have grown by over 2 Billion people, two thirds of whom will reside in cities.

For any Eco warriors out there the pupils took a real environmental/Eco-friendly stance with this and have put together a stunning proposal for a new Housing system and lifestyle change, I would definitely be keen to invest! If you get a minute please have a look over their proposal in the file found below. The S3 pupils involved were:

Hannah Boldy

Jenny MacDonald

Katarina Kancir

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Rector's Blog 6/6/19

Bursting With Pride

Just heard a comment from my parent council that they thought I was going to burst with pride at our awards ceremony last night, and they are so correct, albeit I got so carried away with sharing the successes of all our faculties that my speech over ran, and I swear I saw someone nod off!

As a community we have so much to be proud of. This really is such a wonderful school. I can say without hesitation that Trinity is without doubt the best school I have worked in. And this is not is not just my “west coast patter” either – what we have achieved together in recent years is really quite remarkable. By working together, our fantastic staff, parents and students have transformed the fortunes of our school. In doing so, we deliberately set the bar high in stating we aspire to be the most improved, the most inclusive school and one of the highest achieving schools in the city – an aspiration we are well on the way of achieving.

As I reflected on  last year’s achievements at prize giving last night, it really was with some pride that I could say not only that it has been a hugely successful year, but that I am utterly convinced the best is yet to come. I say yet again, we are indeed a school that is seriously going places!

  • S4 results second best in a long, long time. We now outperform the Edinburgh average at national 3, national 4 and national 5 levels
  • Our Higher results are equally pleasing with 55% of all our students achieving at least one higher…38% achieve at least three Highers and an astonishing 28% achieve 5 Highers or more
  • Of particular note were our results in Mathematics where despite being two staff down, the dedication of our maths colleagues, and teachers from across the school led to the best set of results in many, many years. It is true to say that our results last session were some of the best in the City.

In fact our results across the board beat our comparator schools, Edinburgh and National averages in all but one indicator. The impact of this on morale across our community has been huge. One indicator of this is that our roll has been capped, and there is a significant waiting list for a place in our school!

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