TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050
TRINITY ACADEMY T: 0131 478 5050

New School Development

Trinity Academy redevelopment

We are rebuilding Trinity Academy in two phases. When both phases are complete the school will have space for 1,200 pupils.

Phase one will be ready for August 2022 with the replacing of Trinity Academy’s sports facilities. New facilities for the school and the community have been built at Bangholm Recreation Centre.

View the planning application for phase one.

Engaging with the community

In partnership with Architecture and Design Scotland, we held engagement events with school staff and learners in October 2018 and with stakeholders in September 2018.

We spoke with

  • the parent council from Trinity Academy
  • the parent councils from cluster primary schools
  • our outdoor learning team
  • local residents
  • local clubs and community groups

to understand what they need and how they might benefit from the new sports complex.

In January 2019 we used the feedback from the engagement events to produce some concept proposals.

Download engagement documents – PDFs


The design process for the replacement and refurbishment of the school on the main site is progressing. The plan is to keep and refurbish the Victorian building, which is the red sandstone building on Craighall Road.  We would then demolish all the other buildings and construct new facilities which will adjoin the Victorian building.

Key milestones

• Ongoing staff engagement – June 2022

• Community Council meeting – 13 June 2022 Click here

• RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Stage 2 Concept Design report – end of July 2022.

• Further school community engagement – August/Sept 2022 onwards

• Target date for submission of planning application – winter 2022/23

• Target date for beginning of construction phases – summer 2023

• Target date for completion of all construction – 2026


The current plan for the construction programme is that it will run for three school sessions from 2023 to 2026. The exact construction phasing still needs to be finalised but will include:
• Initial demolition and enabling work
• Construction of on-site temporary decant accommodation
• Construction of the new school building
• Demolition of remaining buildings
• Landscaping
• Victorian building refurbishment

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