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Sri Lanka Tour Deposits & Payments


Thank you for handing in the initial cheque of £250 to secure your child's place on Tour. The money has been sent to Edwin Doran and from this point forward your child has signed up for the tour. As has been mentioned previously at meetings once the deposit is with the Tour company the money becomes non-refundable.

First payments have been coming in as well, for that I thank you. If you look at the Edwin Doran Trinity Tour webpage it will give you a suggested payment schedule for installments. There have been some technical issues with the site, however I have found if you open the webpage on Google Chrome, it works much better. (If you would like an electronic copy of the payment schedule please email me directly)


We are in the process of putting dates in the diary for various fundraising events, events such as bag packing, race nights and music nights have always been very popular methods of raising funds for Tour. If you have any suggestions or ideas that have worked before, please feel free to email me and we will see if we can facilitate.

Jennifer Veitch (S3) has been a superstar in generating interest and raffle prizes from some of our local sporting retailers and national sporting governing bodies. Jennifer contacted several places asking for donations that could be sold at raffles and quiz nights. So far she has received a signed Scotland Rugby top, and Edinburgh rugby top and a signed Men's GB hockey top.

These items were expertly raffled by Jennifer and Isabella Shepherd at the Trinity Academy Sports Personality of the Year Awards on Wednesday 22 March in the school's main hall. The girls raised a fantastic £634.

Becky Merchant and Leigh Fawcett (Scottish Hockey Internationalists) were our guest speakers this year. Thank you to anyone who attended and we are hopeful that you can make it along for the awards in 2018, as it is an opportunity to celebrate the current and next generation of sports performers here at Trinity Academy

Jennifer has also started organising and promoting a game of hockey between S3 hockey and S3 rugby. This will be during the Rugby/Hockey Festival at Bangholm on Saturday 13th May from 9am. On the day the rugby players will be playing a Sevens tournament which will be a mix of year groups and Hockey will face off with S1 vs S2, S3 girls vs S3 boys, 3rd XI vs 2nd XI and 1st XI vs Staff/Coaches. Tensions are already rising.

We will have a bake sale and Gordon Miller will be providing Bacon Rolls, teas and coffees for the morning as well. Please come along and support and help round off a great season.

Touring Teams

We are often asked, as a school and PE Dept, if we can accommodate or host Touring Teams that come to Edinburgh. This is something that Trinity Academy has taken great pride in over the last 20 years. Some of the requests that we have received have involved touring teams with pupil numbers that are just too large to host/billet and whilst we can play fixtures against them in Hockey and Rugby finding them somewhere to stay is often difficult.

There are no firm plans for this yet but there may well be times when touring teams with more manageable numbers come to visit and given the right circumstances I will be asking pupils to take letters home to parents to request the possibility of hosting teams from other countries for a few nights.

I appreciate that this won't be happening for us as we tour Sri Lanka in 2019, given our large touring party. However, I feel that this is still a wonderful opportunity for our young people to engage with pupils from other countries and to build lasting relationships with schools and sports clubs across the world.

Watch this space.

Thank you and if you have any questions, ideas or concerns please feel free to get in touch

Mike Edie – Trinity Academy PE Dept.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Battle of the Bands

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