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Climate Action Trinity


Climate Action Trinity has been set up this year to build upon the work done by staff last year at Trinity and to build upon the wave of youth led protests that swept across the world last year. 

It is led by a determined group of students with support from members of staff. We have one simple goal, reduce our school and communities climate and ecological impact.

We are getting started this Christmas by asking you to take at least one of these 5 actions over the holidays. 

1. Think about what you eat! 

There are two things to think about when it comes to food, how much meat am i eating and how much of this will go to waste. Reducing your meat consumption at Christmas is difficult, if you want to make it enjoyable then think outside the box, you don’t have to stick with sad Brussels sprouts at the end of the table. 

If you need inspirations check out BBC good food: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/vegetarian-christmas-recipes 

2. Wrap smart! 

To reduce emissions we need to reuse and recycle what we can, but you can also simply reduce. Ask yourself is wrapping paper necessary, is this a luxury I can do without? If it isn’t how can I recycle or reuse this paper. This may seem like a small step but let it be a starting point to help you apply this mantra to the rest of your life. 

3. Give with care

Sometimes the best present isn’t something expensive, the simplest gesture can carry more weight than all the presents in the world. If you are able to reduce how much you buy this Christmas you will reduce your environmental impact. Consumption causes emissions no matter how sustainable a product is. You can still buy presents but try to think, will this last longer than a few months and is it truly necessary? 

4. Turn off those Christmas lights! 

Thinking about your energy usage is never a bad idea, if you can turn off your Christmas lights when you aren’t using them then you will not only help the environment but also your wallet. This may feel like a small step, but it will hopefully encourage you to apply this to other parts of your life. Is something really necessary or can you save it? 

5. There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. 

You can’t avoid plastic, even the most ardent eco warriors find it impossible, however there are steps that we can all take to reduce our impact. This Christmas for example, ask yourself do you actually like tinsel? Could you live without it? Your Christmas food shopping, are there more local organic alternatives that don’t come wrapped in plastic? 


Each of these 5 actions are comparatively small in scale to the emergency we face. However, it isn’t so much the actions but the mindset that counts, in the next ten years the world must see an incredible transformation if we are to keep global warming within safe limits. We hope that by taking these 5 actions you can help us start this transformation by changing your mindset around what will be necessary to save the world. 

Many happy returns to you from everyone at Climate Action Trinity.

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