What is the award?

The Award is a challenging programme of activities which helps you learn new skills, experience adventure and provides opportunities to help others . Participants experience a great sense of achievement when completing the award. Furthermore, many organisations such as employers and universities take a good view of the award and what it says about the person who has achieved it.

What does it involve?

There are three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. For each level, you complete activities in four sections - Volunteering, Skills, Physical and Expedition. At Gold level you also take part in a Residential Project.

  • Volunteering - giving help in the local community.
  • Skills - covering any hobby, skill or interest.
  • Expeditions - training for, planning and completing a journey on foot, by canoe or cycle.
  • Physical - sport, dance and fitness.
  • Residential Project - spending five or more days on a purposeful project with new companions.

It’s up to you what to do. In each section there are a wide range of options to choose from or you can pick other similar activities that interest you. This could be something new or you can continue with an activity you already enjoy. There is no exam as the award is about having a go. It’s not a competition but participants need a bit of enterprise and perseverance.

Who is it for?

The award is open to anyone between the age of 14 and 25 years. Special qualifications are not required, just the willingness to have a go.

For further information see www.theaward.org

This year over 100 Trinity Academy pupils are participating in the award across all levels.

Pupils often participate in one of the many extra-curricular clubs at school to fulfil the requirements of the Physical and Skills section while making their own arrangements outside of school to complete the Volunteering section.

The expedition programme on offer through Trinity is currently under review. As we endeavour to build a more equitable and affordable service, it is important to note that participants may need to organise their expeditions externally.

For further information on the award at Trinity Academy please contact Mr P. Hunter.