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Weekly Faculty Update Bulletin

In order to help everyone stay engaged with their learning we will be issuing a weekly update each Monday morning to help provide a steer on what your child should be focusing on for the week ahead.

While both the school website and Teams is full of resources and information we hope that this will help to give greater clarity to pupils and parents/carers.

This new section on the School Closures page contains an update from Curricular Leaders for every subject, split into BGE and Senior Phase information. This should help to direct your child in their learning for the week ahead.

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Issue # for the Week Beginning on Monday... Download
01 27th April, 2020 file download 48
02 4th May, 2020 file download 48
03 11th May, 2020 file download 48
04 18th May, 2020 file download 48
05 25th May, 2020 file download 48
06 1st June, 2020 file download 48
07 8th June, 2020 file download 48
08 15th June, 2020
file download 48
09 22nd June,2020 file download 48