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Welcome to the Trinity Academy Course Choice Centre.
This section of the website will provide you with all relevant information about the courses we have on offer for each year group. You will also see there are a series of links to the online course choice system, known as TOOLS.
At the bottom of the page we have also included useful links which may help you with your preparation and planning.

Course Choice Information Evening

Ordinarily a course choice information evening would have been held in December but due to the ongoing difficulties with Covid-19 we have instead created a narrated presentation. This will guide you through the curriculum structure, course options process and pathways through the senior phase.

***Please do not be concerned about any of the images used in the presentation. These are exemplars to raise awareness of content and layout. Subjects offered change year upon year and your childs sheet will contain the most up to date courses being offered.***

You should be able to view this here:

I have also included a link to last years "Senior Phase Pathways Information Evening" which may also help parents/pupils - please click here to view the presentation.

An FAQ has been transcribed from the live Q&A event on 16 Feb. We had over 100 parents attend and in 1 hour we had around 35 questions which have been distilled down to a list of 28 questions. Please scroll down the bottom of this webpage to read them.

Timetabling almost 800 pupils course choices is a complicated process but at Trinity Academy we have been operating with an electronic course choice and timetabling system since 2018.

Using a suite of software to support the coursing process we have been able to deliver a varied curriculum with a high level personalistion choice. This has created a dynamic and flexible crurriculum offer which year on year is delivering over a 95% satisfaction rating for learners while providing progression pathways which offer depth, breadth and also provide inclusive options for all.

Unfortunately, a timetable can do anything but not everything all at once and for those learner who are not able to get every course they initially selected we also have a fully intergrated reserve system which provides pupils and staff with clear alternatives when things don't work out as first planned.

Prior to making any course choices there are is a fully resourced and supported series of planning lessons delivered by Pupil Support Leaders during PSE classes. Course choice planning sheets will be issued at this time which are personalised for each learner and include recommended levels of study for the next session. Pupils, parents/carers and Pupil Support Leaders must triangulate and approve the planning before pupils are given access to the TOOLS website to enter their course choices.

Ordinarily, all pupils will complete their course choices between the end of January and early March. Specific dates are included on this webpage (Course Choice Centre) and on the course choice planning sheets which are issued during the coursing process.

With the current school closure we will likely ask for this process to be completed by pupils at home. We will share further information on this in due course but all resources and supports will still be available.



We have developed a COURSE CHOICE GUIDE for each year group, which explains the process in three stages: pre-coursing, course choices and post-coursing. Each guide is for a specific year group and will explain some of the nuances of the course choices process in an easy to understand format.

Course Choice Guides

Course Choice Sheets

Options System

Coursing Process: Information Booklet for S2>S3 Pupils and Parents/Carers

S2>S3 Course Choice Guide
Updated 12/01/22

S3 Version
Updated for 2022 

S3 Options

Coursing Process: Information Booklet for S3/4/5>S4/5/6 Pupils and Parents/Carers

S4/5/6 Senior Phase: Course Choice Guide
Updated 12/01/22

S4 Version
Updated for 2022

S4 Options

S5 Version

S6 Version

Updated for 2022

S5 Options

 This will give you an overview of the course choice process and is useful for both pupils and parents.


Please ensure all course choice sheets are submitted to your Pupil Support Leader AFTER you have entered your choices on the TOOLS website.

  • S2 > S3 - Planning Starts: 07/ 03/ 22 (Deadline: 18/ 03/ 22)

  • S3 > S4 - Planning Starts: 17/ 01/ 22 (Deadline: 28/ 01/ 22)

  • S4 > S5 - Planning Starts: 31/ 01/ 22 (Deadline: 11/ 02/ 22)

  • S5 > S6 - Planning Starts: 21/ 02/ 22 (Deadline: 04/ 03/ 22)

All course choices MUST be completely finalised by Friday 18th March 2022 to allow timetabling to begin. If you have been absent or needed extra time, please contact your PSL or Mr Todd befre the deadline.


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Nationals in a Nutshell Helpful resource for parents which explains the National qualifications.
Parent suggestion from Information/Q&A Event Feb 2022


This FAQ has been transcribed from the live Q&A event on 16 Feb 2021. We had over 100 parents attend our information evening and in 1 hour we had around 35 questions which have been distilled down to a list of 28 key questions. We hope you find this a useful resource.


When will course choices be available and when do they need to be completed by?

These will be sent out to families in the coming days and deadlines for completing them are on the course choice part of the website although generally it will be aroudn the 2nd week of March depending on what year you are in. Please remember the planning and discussion around choices is key. The process of actually entering your course choices will be relatively quick in comparison.