Course Choice Centre

Welcome to the Trinity Academy Course Choice Centre. This section of the website will provide you with all relevant information about the courses we have on offer for each year group. You will also see there are a series of links to the online course choice system, known as TOOLS. At the bottom of the page we have also included useful links which may help you with your preparation and planning.

We are embarking on a new system for course choices, which should prove to be more efficient and robust. Timetabling over 800 pupils choices is a complicated process but with the use of OPTIONS software and a well-planned process, the school hope to achieve as high a rate of pupil satisfaction as possible. For those who are not able to get everything we want we also have a built in reserve system and pupils will be kept informed of any changes to their course choices throughout the process.

When coursing, pupils will login to a course choice booking system with the support of their Pupil Support Leader. This is password protected and will only be available once the class has been suitably prepared to make their course choices. All pupils will complete their course choices between the end of January and early March. Specific dates are included in the guides and on the course choice sheets.


Course Choice Information Evening

On Wednesday 27th February at 18:00 the school hosted a Course Choice Information evening. A presentation on the curriculum structure, course options and qualification types along with lots more was discussed.

Edinburgh University also attended to give a short input on the various student pathways and exit points from school along with admissions criteria explanations and some real world examples. Unfortunately, Edinburgh College cancelled. After the presentation we held a Q&A session.

This event was open to any parents of S2/S3/S4/S5 looking for coursing information. This will be offered again in January of session 2019/20.

To review the presentation from the Information Evening please click here.







We have developed a COURSE CHOICE GUIDE for each year group, which explains the process in three stages: pre-coursing, course choices and post-coursing. Each guide is for a specific year group and will explain some of the nuances of the course choices process in an easy to understand format.

Course Choice Guides Course Choice Sheets Options System
 S2 Going into S3 S3 S3 Options

S4/5/6 Course
Choice Guide


S4 Options

S5 Version

S6 Version

S5/6 Options


Coursing information booklet for S4/5/6 can be downloaded here. This will give you an overview of the course choice process and is useful for both pupils and parents.

Course Choice Sheet Deadline

Please ensure all course choice sheets are submitted to your Pupil Support Leader AFTER you have entered your choices on the TOOLS website.

All course choices should be entered by Friday 15th March

If you have been absent or needed extra time, please see your PSL or Mr Todd before the deadline.


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